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John Sowell- Photopher, Pet Owner & Site Curator
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Introducing Carmel Twirl the Cat and Pecker the Parakeet, a photo review of understanding cats and birds. Pet psychology training secrets displayed by pet owner John Sowell. John has the unique ability to train the once natural enemies, cats and birds to become friends. See for yourself photos taken of the amazing interacting love relationship between his cat Carmel Twirl and Pecker the Parakeet. You too can get the same results as John by knowing the secrets of pet physiology. Now John would like to share these rare secrets through the miracle of the Internet. Send $5.00 money order addressed to John Sowell, PO Box 34532 Memphis, TN 38184 (Please include a self stamped return envelop) and he will send you the secret. For further Inquiries send email by clicking below cat Icon. Guaranteed results are your money back. If you have additional questions or comments enter them in the below query form:

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