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Bobby Sowell's music accomplishments defy description in any brief Introduction
message. He now brings to the world a website with all of his creativity and
Innovation musical talents from his many years of experience and added to
it his keen curiosity and overall passion for all music expressions. The distinctive
and evocative piano solos of Bobby Sowell are finally receiving the reviews and
recognition they so well deserve and his music keeps getting better.

In recognition, the 5th Anniversary book edition, "THE BEST OF THE
will feature Bobby Sowell's website listing and is available in print at
news stands and book stores around the world, as well as on the web, and on CD.
Bobby is listed in the book, "HISTORY OF MEMPHIS BANDS" by author Ron Hall,
now available in bookstores everywhere. Bobby is Listed in "THE WHO'S WHO"
and "THE HISTORY OF ROCK AND ROll". On March 20, 2002 Bobby was inducted
into the "ROCKABILLY HALL OF FAME" for contributions made to Rockabilly music,
He is in a new 2010 book "MEMPHIS BLUES MUSICIANS"

What is Bobby's music listening experience like? It's an audio stimulation of
the brain that controls relaxation, signal of tones and notes that when heard
produces the sweet mellow flow of euphoria. It's all natural. Hot and fast or
smooth and easy, a unique blend of influential diversified musical styles. It only
lasts a few moments but when heard best describes his piano sound effects.

For those of us musicians who had the opportunity to work with Bobby over
the years, we saw his creative genius coupled with an absolute refusal to
settle for anything less than the very best. He is a perfectionist. He spurred
us to give our personal best and to make better whatever it was we were
doing. He always puts the audience first and foremost. Bobby is one of those
musicians who when you first meet, you've seemed to have known him
all of your life. Bobby Sowell is a true variety musician, crossing every genre.
He has performed professionally for years in such places as Las Vegas, Nashville,
and Branson and his talent, experience, enthusiasm and showmanship is apparent
every time he is on stage. His music, be it Country, Rockabilly, Blues, Jazz,
Rock n Roll or Gospel attracts fans both young and old. -New Deal Music Company

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History of Memphis Bands

Available in Bookstores Everywhere

The book is an amazing candid history and discography of over one hundred bands who recorded at least one record
in Memphis from 1960-1975 by Author Ron Hall. Great Bobby pictures! Book is available at bookstores everywhere.

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First time Elvis was played on radio was on Bobby's 7th birthday, July 8th,1954. That's Alright Mama played
14 times by DJ Dewey Phillips on WHBQ Radio in Memphis, TN. That evening launched Elvis Presley career
to an International phenomena that still brings fans to Memphis 33 years after his death. Graceland is the
number one most visited home in American for tourist surpassing the white house in 2002. There are related
Elvis and Dewey Phillips stories posted on Bobby Sowell Rockabilly Hall of Fame page (see below RHOF link).

Take the free Sun Studio Tour (below). Sun is where the first recordings of Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash,
Roy Orbison, Jerry Lee Lewis were made, and it's a great tour. Rock n Roll was born there. Bobby
feels blessed and fortunate to have recorded on rock n roll's holy ground. Bobby recorded a session
at Sun studio with New Orleans Blues Artist Beth Nellson in 2009

Take the Sun Studio video tour

BOBBY SOWELL - Rockabilly Hall of Fame Inductee

Inductee #194

I would like to thank Col. Robert Morris for his kind remarks concerning my
induction into the HOF. I am eternally grateful and consider it an honor and
privilege to be listed among my musical peers and heroes. - Bobby Sowell

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BIO - He's been there and done that - Click hereFree MP3 Music Samples - Order CDs - Click hereView Photos -  Click hereReviews & Career AwardsRelated Links - Click here

Bobby Sowell myspace page Bobby Sowell youtube Bobby Sowell facebook Bobby Sowell twitter Hello Memphis Bobby Sowell NEW Website Bobby Sowell wikipedia Bobby Sowell - ReverbNation

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